CURTI Industries

CURTI’s success is also due to strategic acquisitions, aimed at consolidating the mother company through the complementarity and integration of specific skills.

In 2013, CURTI’s joint venture with the Swedish company BillerudKorsnäs led to the creation of FreeFormPack, a completely revolutionary solution for the packaging market.

In addition, the presence of important companies in the CURTI Industries group has effectively contributed to the growth of the various activities.

Blister machines, thermoforming machines for containers, cartoning machines both continuous and alternating, and horizontal case packers.

Subcontracting of mechanical parts

Special machine tools, automation and subcontracting

Special machine tools, automation and subcontracting

Mechanical design and R&S for various industries

Force transducers with capacitive and inductive technology

Sales, support and maintenance service for ultra-light aircraft engines