CURTI Energy has built a first prototype gasifier, capable of converting waste wood into electrical energy and heat.
Gasification is a chemical-physical process through which a combustible solid (wood, agricultural waste, coal) is converted into a combustible gas, known as syngas. Syngas is used to fuel conventional engines and to produce electrical energy and heat. The advantage of this technology over other available technologies for the recovery of energy from biomass is the production of more valuable (electrical) energy on a micro-scale.

Process input: Wood chips

Type of technology: Gasification

Energy produced: Heat and electricity

Process output: Syngas and biochar

The prototype made by CURTI Energy is small in scale (20 kilowatts of electricity) and fed with wood chips, i.e. shredded woody material. The syngas fuels an engine-alternator unit that produces electrical energy and 40 kW of thermal energy for heating use or heat for technological functions.

Its small size makes it ideal for hotels, schools, rest homes, small municipalities and farms.

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