CURTI Packaging provides advanced solutions to meet the high demands in terms of quality of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. Innovation, as well as the continued focus on providing sustainable and efficient packaging solutions, led CURTI to play an important role on the world stage.

Today the portfolio of products of CURTI Packaging includes vertical cartooning machines used in the pharmaceutical and food sectors, display box tray, vertical case packers with possibility of integration of palletising area and stand-alone palletising and de-palletising systems. Providing comprehensive and customised lines for secondary packaging, as well as a high capacity and flexibility to integrate machines into existing lines are the strength of CURTI Packaging.

Case packing machines

Le incartonatrici verticali CURTI Packaging offrono alte prestazioni, adatte al settore alimentare...

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L’esperienza CURTI Packaging ha portato alla realizzazione di una incartonatrice con palletizzatore integrato...

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Cartoning machines

Our Vertical cartoning machines are designed to handle a broad range of dry and powdered products...

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Display Box

The display box tray packers allow the creation of trays and cases particularly suitable for displaying...

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In 2015 CURTI formed the new company Famar Tec srl thus making it possible to complete its offer in the packaging industry, through the production of blister machines, thermoforming machines for containers and cartooning machines both continuous and alternating for all the needs of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and herbal sector.

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