Automatic line for IDC wiring modules

Automatic line for IDC wiring modules

AHM is a machine with a pallet transfer system operated via servo actuators: this allows the exact positioning of the wires during insertion into the connector, ensuring the highest quality of the connection. The fully automatic AHM line has been designed to be completely independent from the connector. In fact, it is the only machine on the market able to:

  • perform wire insertion into the connector both vertically1and frontally2
  • perform wire insertion either one by one 1or at the same time2
      Inarca, Stocko and Tyco mono-shape connectors
    2  Molex and Lumber connectors

The machine is able to build parallel, crossed and chain wiring modules, operating (if necessary) also the crimping of the individual terminals. The AHM can optionally mount the coprifaston arming station and the inspection control station with camera.

Technical specifications
Pallet capacity Up to 28 wires [RAST 2.5]
Up to 14 wires [RAST 5]
Speed 0.8 sec. / wire

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