Automatic line for coaxial cables

WWP is an extremely versatile line for coaxial cables.
The typical processes are as follows:

  • Automatic or manual cable loading (pre-wound cable)
  • Stripping of the external insulation
  • Folding the screen back
  • Removal of the double screen
  • Electric integrity check
  • Central conductor stripping
  • Crimping of M/F internal contacts
  • Crimping of M/F external bodies
  • Electrical checks and controls with template and comparator

Wholly configured, this system can produce up to 800 cables / hour, fully tested and ready to be shipped to the end customer. The WWP is designed to be a modular unit: the operational stations can be assembled on the frame in any position and, in case of a malfunction, each one of them can be easily disconnected, just by disconnecting two air tubes and two network connectors.

Technical specifications
Processable cables Coaxial cables
Cycle Time 4.5 sec.

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