Automatic line for cables with Air-Bag Connector

Automatic line for cables with Air-Bag Connector

CAWP is a fully automatic, high-performance line dedicated to the production of cables with airbag connectors (squib). This transfer line is able to process individual twisted wires, terminating with different types of connectors that are assembled on the same line.
CAWP uses a shuttle-transfer system that ensures maximum accuracy during the movement of wires from a station to another. This makes it the most sophisticated system among all CURTI Wire Processing solutions, together with the WWP line.
The performance of this machine is certainly exceptional:

  • Reject rate less than 1%
    • Production capacity up to 1.200 cables / hour
    • Processing of both types of connectors: 90 ° and 180 °

Compliance with the strictest regulations of the automotive industry must be constantly guaranteed in the production process and CAWP fully meets the requirements of all major car manufacturers.

Technical specifications
Cable section in relation to customer specifications
Cycle Time 3 sec.

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