Are you ready to switch to automated cartoning?

Maybe you’ve been looking into purchasing automated cartoning machines for your packaging company, but aren’t quite sure if it’s the right decision. If you’re currently asking yourself, “Is my company ready to automate?” we’re here to give you the answer. Below are are some questions to ask yourself when considering making the switch to automation:

1. Is our company overworking ourselves?
Ecommerce is continuing to grow at a quick rate, and you may find that you’re a bit in over your head with orders and customer demands. If you’re finding that it’s getting hard to keep up with the current demands, or that you maybe aren’t able to take on as many large contracts as you’d like to anymore, investing in cartoning machines is probably a good idea for your business. Switching to automated packaging means that you’ll be able to do more packing in a short amount of time, which means you’ll be able to handle larger contracts and more orders. Although it is an investment, and it won’t necessarily be cheap right off the bat, you should think about how much more money automation could make you in the long run when you consider the higher volume and faster pace of orders you’ll be over to fill– it probably won’t be long before the machines pay for themselves.

2. Is it hard to find new hires?
It can be hard to find new hires for a warehouse, not to mention to continually train new employees if your company’s retention rates are low. If you’re finding it’s getting increasingly difficult to maintain a fully staffed workforce for your business, automation may be your solution. Investing in cartoning machines means less labor requirements, lower payroll costs, and a less stressed HR department. It’s an all-around good idea if you find yourself a little short-staffed.

3. Are our labor costs increasing?
Labor is likely the thing you’re spending the most money on– it’s generally the largest price you pay when it comes to business. And when labor availability is decreasing, that means there’s probably high demand, and labor rates are probably increasing. Higher wages will greatly impact your overall funds. Switching to automated cartoning machines can help you save by giving you some more control over the cost of labor. When you make the switch you automation, you’ll be able to put your existing labor into different, more value-added functions.

4. Should we aim for more accuracy and efficiency?
Online shopping is a huge deal right now, especially since more people are staying inside due to the pandemic, and even more so for pharmaceutical and wellness-based companies, as everyone is doing their best to stay healthy. Providing a good customer experience for online shoppers is an increasingly vital part of running a business in our current day and age. It can have a huge impact on your reputation. That’s why you want to make sure your company is reaching its highest potential for accuracy, efficiency, and quality when it comes to fulfilling orders. Automating your business’s packaging process is one great way to guarantee the best quality for your customers. Cartoning machines leave little room for error, in ensuring that each order is sealed properly and even providing track and trace technology and serialization– this means that if there ever is a problem with an order, it can easily be traced back to the exact batch the item came from. Switching to automation is the best way to make sure you’re consistently providing the best service.

5. Should we be reducing our waste?
If you’re noticing you might be producing more waste than necessary and want to turn to a more efficient (and eco-friendly) alternative, it’s probably a good idea to look into getting some cartoning machines. When it comes to running lean, automation is the best option. Even if you want to switch over gradually, just one or two cartoning machines can work to decrease operating costs and increase efficiency more than you may think. Reducing human error and relying on sure-fire automation is one of the best ways to work towards leaner production.

The bottom line is that there are tons of benefits of switching to automation and investing in a few cartoning machines. Although it may seem pricey up front, it can have a great impact on your business’s efficiency and your overall profits. If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it’s likely time to make the switch to automated cartoning!